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Chronic lack of hydration is something more and more women have to deal with as we get older. As we age, the skin is less able to maintain moisture, and age-related loss of moisture can cause more dryness over time.  Hyaluronic acid is the top ingredient to look for if you’re trying to treat super-thirsty skin.

A build up of dead skin cells over a matter time doesn’t allow your skincare products to properly penetrate through the skin. If you exfoliate two to three a week or on a more regular basis this will clear a path for your moisturiser to absorb better. There will always be a time when we need an extra hydration boost, it could be that you have been in the sun to long or the biting winter chill!

You may need a hydrating serum/moisturiser or both to help soothe your parched skin. At the bare minimum your moisturiser should hydrate you skin. This ensures that the skin looks more plump and smooth and supports skin barrier function. Your skin is already aging by your 20s. Do not wait until you’re over 40 years old to use skin care products, start right now to help delay dehydration, collagen loss, and other signs of aging.⁠ 

Moisturisers have larger molecules than serums so that’s why they usually won’t penetrate the skin as deeply or as quickly as a serum will. For strong effects serum is your answer for hydration then it’s a moisturiser. Serums can address a variety of skincare issues, but you cannot essentially replace your moisturiser with it. It can only boost the hydrating effects of your face cream. Since moisturisers are creamier and thicker, they effectively prevent water loss and rehydrate the skin.

From the Jan Marini Brand our recommendations for hydration would be the Transformation cream/Serum a superb moisturising base also healing and repairing. Age Intervention Face Cream great for increased hydration, suppleness and elasticity and good as a night cream. Or the Age Intervention Peptide Extreme which is anti-aging, immediate hydration and suppleness.

From the Zo Skin Health brand our recommendations would be the Hydrating Cleanser this is dual action it cleanses as well as hydrates. Renewal Creme for mild dryness an hydrator that supports hydration levels in the skin. Recovery Creme a rich emollient hydrator for moderate dryness (retinol). Or the Hydrating Creme which is a non retinol hydrator for severe dryness and irritations, post-procedure and eczema.

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