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It is important to note that before any microsclerotherapy is undertaken, it is essential to have a venous duplex ultrasound scan this scan will confirm whether there are any hidden underlying varicose veins feeding blood into the thread veins and keeping them open. Failure to treat the underlying cause of the threadveins results in unsuccessful outcomes for the majority of people.

Microsclerotherapy is a safe, well established technique used to treat spider veins and thread veins on the legs. It is a relatively straight forward procedure which involves injection injecting a solution with a very tiny needle into the veins which causes the lining of the vein to breakdown and triggering a healing response this will cause the vein to disappear overtime.

Areas that can be treated

Procedure Time

30 mins



Recovery Time

1 week



Side Effects

Side effects temporarily look worse before better

How long does it last

Multiple treatments required

Before & After