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New Treatment Alert !!!!

This year at Derma Revive we are focusing on optimizing skin health and quality. (It’s all about the glow !) So we will be starting with a focus on Polynucleotides, the latest addition to our clinic menu.
Polynucleotides are a newly emerging trend in anti-ageing injections. 

The Polynucleotides are from natural origin and derived from European freshwater fish intended for human consumption. The manufacturing process is based on the polynucleotide high purification technology leading to a superior level of purification, so ensuring product safety. Polynucleotides are designed to stimulate fibroblasts and promote tissue repair,
they also enhance cell turnover, increase skin elasticity and most importantly stimulate quality collagen production.
This results in a more radiant and rejuvenated skin improving the overall quality and improving sundamaged skin, scarring, and crepeyness.  Polynucleotides also calm inflammation and rebalance melanocyte activity to create an even and refreshed skin tone.
They are the perfect treatment for under the eyes darks circles and crows feet. 

So how do they work?
Cells have DNA, which is made of polynucleotides. When we inject more polynucleotides into aged and damaged skin cells, they help to regenerate tissue by stimulating fibroblasts – a type of cell that contributes to the formation of connective tissue. Essentially, we are healing skin from within. Polynucleotides are injected into aged and damaged skin via specific techniques, depending on the product used.
Side effects are minimal, as with any injection patients can expect some slight redness and swelling following treatment and maybe a small amount of bruising. Polynucleotides can be used as a stand alone or in combination with any other procedure such as dermal filler and botox. You will need 2 to 3 sessions 2 to 3 weeks apart with 1  booster session 6 to 9 months later. They can also rejuvenate the hair and eyebrow follicles. It only takes about 15-20 minutes and you can resume your normal daily activities afterwards.