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I met Saskia earlier this year she was recommend to me by a friend.

I had head and neck cancer 5 years ago and had 38 sessions of radiotherapy which left me with a massive loss of volume to my lower face and lots of deep lines,I looked really bad and a lot older than I am which is 53. I went to a cosmetic surgeon and had 5 fat transfers which I was extremely happy with but even that didn’t resolve all of my problems as i still hadn’t the result what I had hoped for, i still had quite a few wrinkles and a lost of volume especially around the chin area fat transfers can’t define and contour in detail, I met Saskia and after a long in-depth consultation which she put me completely at ease, I decided to go ahead with a filler which is a long lasting product. I was a amazed at the results has she had managed to achieve.the filler had filled and plumped the areas where the fat transfers hadn’t managed to reach and also she contoured my jaw line and it looked fantastic, I’ve been back since for some more and to keep up with the maintenance, I was so thrilled with the results that I also had some other work done (this time for vanity ) I’m over the moon of what I’ve been able to achieve with the help of such a skilled person.

I can’t recommend Saskia enough she is so professional and such a lovely sensitive lady and is also very reasonable priced.

I am so grateful and my experience was so positive that I can highly recommend Saskia she is at the top of my contacts and will be for a long time.