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I met Saskia over 10 years ago when I wanted to get rid of a small line between my brows!

To be honest I was apprehensive as line removal/botox was new to me…I grilled her about her qualifications (she is a registered nurse/sister…you know the qualifications!!)

I had no need to worry, my results have and always have been outstanding…Saskia is the ultimate professional. She studies your face and advises what will work and makes recommendations for your face shape/type and is realistic in the results that can be achieved.

Saskia wont do anything unnecessary or anything that leaves you looking ‘frozen’ I have always had a natural result and would recommend her to anyone.

My close friends now use Saskia for their treatments, wondering how I remained youthful looking…in fact one of my friends said ‘If she is good enough for you then she must be good!’

I’m a perfectionist and want the best and in my opinion Saskia is in a league of her own! 10 years later I wouldn’t change a thing…