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It is important to note that before any microsclerotherapy is undertaken, it is essential to have a venous duplex ultrasound scan this scan will confirm whether there are any hidden underlying varicose veins feeding blood into the thread veins and keeping them open. Failure to treat the underlying cause of the threadveins results in unsuccessful […]

Fat Removal with Aqualyx

Aqualux is ideal for removing small localised areas of fat from those stubborn parts of the face or body. These are commonly hard, if not impossible to target with diet and exercise alone. Larger areas can be dealt with although this may require a longer period of time with many more sessions necessary. we will […]


As a result of the ageing process and lifestyle factors, skin can begin to sag, lose radiance and lose firmness. Although these changes to your skin are perfectly normal, it can still affect your self-esteem. Profhilo is a brand new anti-ageing treatment designed to give the skin a tightened appearance with improved tone and texture. […]

Dermal Fillers

Here at Derma Revive we have only the best products from leading manufacturers, offering a variety of both short term and longer lasting Dermal fillers and volumisers. As we age we start to see many changes in the structures of our bodies particularly in our face area this can include loss of facial fat, changes […]

Wrinkle relaxing injections

Injectable muscle relaxants are one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic practices worldwide. Small amounts are precisely injected into specific muscles of the face and neck. The use of neurotoxins such as Botox are the most frequently used to eliminate frown lines, the lines around the eyes, forehead lines and using more advanced techniques […]